Friday, January 07, 2005

Armstrong Williams & the Right WIng Blogosphere: Hypocrisy Exposed

Armstrong Williams, member of the media, takes about a quarter of a million dollars from the Bush Administration to basically promote a certain partisan agenda, and we hear basically nothing from the Right-Wing blogosphere. Recall that certain blogs have basically done nothing but bitch and moan for the last year about a phantom liberal media that does not exist.

Powerline: Nothing.
Instaclown: Bupkus.
Hugh Hewitt: Zilch.
Jeff Jarvis: Not a word (Mr. Buzzmachine is Instaclown's favorite "media blogger" and I count him as from the wingnutasphere)
The Corner: Nothing with the exception of a post by Lucienne's spawn that basically puts the blame on the bribee (although the spawn updates to say that, shocker, he does not relieve the administration of blame).

Anyone recall Dan Rather and the forged memos: Instaschmuck still hasn't shut up about it --- posting on it today even. Hell on the third anniversary of September 11, he posted almost a hundred things about "Rather-gate" yet pretty much said nothing about the anniversary.

We have a word for this where I am from: HYPOCRISY.


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