Thursday, January 06, 2005

CONTEST!! First Wingnut to Compare Tsunami Dead v. Iraq Dead

Given that Paul at Wizbang just a few days after the tragedy in Asia decided to hold a contest among the "liberal" side of the blogosphere and the "conservative" side of the blogosphere to see who had posted the most about the tsunami, I thought the moderates ought to create a contest of their own.

OK, First reader to find an example of a wingnut explicitly making the comparison of the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq to the number of people tragically killed in the Tsunami wins the first annual, drumroll please,
Moderately Angry Award for Achievement in the Field of Excellence!!
The comparison must be something along the lines of Jim Lindgren's comparison of Vietnam dead to Iraq dead. Something to the effect that "it's a tragedy whenever an American soldier gets killed, but we must keep this things in perspective, look hundreds of thousands of people just died in a tsunami."

Let the entries begin. . . . .


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