Monday, January 10, 2005

Insight into the Right

Via Totten's comments, we have a unique insight into the people, like instaclown, who believe that all is going fine and dandy in Iraq:
Let's see: we've eliminated Saddam's government, freed about as many people as lived in WWII Germany, stopped the massacres by the Ba'ath, stopped the Oil-for-Food scam, we're about to have real elections (about three years faster than we did in occupied Europe or Japan), the Iraqis seem determined to actually vote, we've blocked major lines of communications for the Islamists (look at a map, see what recoloring Iraq does), Libya rolled over (exposing AQ Khan), and we've done it with about as many casualties as we had in training accidents before D-Day.
Hardly any of this is true.
  • There are about 25 million people who have been "freed" in Iraq; around 65 million in pre-war Germany were "freed" (or more accurately, at least in the case of Germany, SUBDUED). About a 150 percent off there.
  • Stopped the massacres by the Ba'ath. Well, objectively true, but the most conservative estimates of dead Iraqis in the last two years or so is about 20,000 (the highest numbers have been around 100,000) --- 20,000 in two years is at least as many dead as a good killing-spree in the same period by Saddam, and probably a lot more.
  • Stopped the "oil-for-food scam" -- translation: I get my news from Instapundit. Also, now we have the oil-to-halliburten scam (sorry Totsky, but I see nothing egregious in pointing out an absurd conflict-of-interest).
  • Germany and Japan have national elections in 1949 --- about three or four years after we occupy those nations. Here, God-willing, Iraqis hold a national vote about two years after we begin our occupation --- thus, it's closer to one or two years faster (and this assumes that real national elections actually take place --- the chances of that happenning are now approaching zero).
  • Libya rolling over --- puh-leeze. And in any event, Libya has not been doing jack since Reagan bombed them in '86 (Syria, Iran, and North Korea, have hardly rolled over, and there is much more to worry about from them than from that clown Khadafi).
  • Finally, the "with about as many casualties as we had in training accidents before D-Day" argument is so insulting to those who have died that it is hardly even worth responding to. But if you must, see this post from that crazy liberal blog, the Volokh Consiracy, for why such arguments are absolutely meaningless, misleading, and idiotic.
So, just about everything this guy says is based on bullshit he obviously hears in the Instapundit-and-friends Noise Machine.

Sad. Very sad.


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