Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jeff Jarvis: First-Class Retard

Jeff Jarvis has to have the most retarded remark I have ever read from a blogger:
Speaking of dumb ideas, Sen. Patrick Leahy proposes redirecting money earmarked for Iraqi rebuilding to South Asian rebuilding. It's as if he is admitting that he does not care about the Iraqi people. (Emphasis Mine).
Huh? Where to begin. I don't even think I can begin. What a fucking idiot. How is that anything at all like admitting that Sen. Leahy does not care about the Iraqi people? Guess what dumbfuck --- we have limited resources. We are giving a whole shitload of money to Iraqi rebuilding. Redirecting some money from that (probably a miniscule percentage in any event) to this completely unexpected huge fucking disaster is only admitting that this is a completely unexpected huge fucking disaster.

Hey Jeff --- go fuck yourself, and stop pretending that you are a democrat. Go get back to sucking George W.'s cock, and telling us all to take a pledge to take it in the ass from W for the next four years.

UPDATE: Jeff comments in my comments and compliments on my writing style. Thanks Jeff, wish I could say the same about you. I'm planning a new post about some of your latest bile soon.


Blogger Jeff Jarvis said...

What a writer you are.

January 2, 2005 at 4:11 AM  

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