Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More Torture: This Time Let's Look at Totten

Thanks to Jesse at Pandagon to linking to my last post. Jesse points out the new trend on the right: anything that liberals are against conservatives will be for --- thus, we have "Bad Idea[s] That Liberals Abhor (BITLA)" or let's say BITLA's for short.

Latest BITLA on torture is coming from his idiocy, Michael "I'm not a democrat because I love absurd conflicts of interest" Totten which starts of with this gem, "Glenn Reynolds and I are both against torture." Some position! I'd like to say that Kevin Drum and I are in favor of apple pie. Furthermore, Atrios and I are against killing puppies. And the Pandagon guys and I are firmly against using passenger planes as missiles to destroy buildings.

Totten continues that people like him and Instarepublican need to speak up against torture: "And that’s precisely why moderates (including the moderate left and the moderate right) need to speak up [against torture]." [Ed. No clue which one is from the "moderate right" and which is from the "moderate left" -- and I don't care if these guys are moderates I guess I am a fucking reactionary right-winger because I am so conservative I support all those old American values, you know Social Security, Humane treatment of prisoners, etc. OK that's a post for another day]. Anyway, Totten's point, which he articulates a little better than Instafuckwad is that God forbid that people on the left speak out against torture because that will lead "moderates" and "conservatives" --- you know real Americans --- to support torture.

Under Totten's logic, liberals aren't aloud to criticize Bush, because they can't be taken seriously because they had the audacity to point out that Cheney had a conflict of interest with Halliburten. The nerve of those left-wing, commie, tratiors--- how dare they?

Perfect example of Jesse's logic: BITLA.

Poor Michael Totten, though, he doesn't realize that Glenn will never, ever, not-for-the-fucking-life-of-him speak up against Bush on anything even remotely related to the war. This was illustrated today when Sullivan asked Glenn this question: "If you won't stand up to the Bush administration on torture, is there anything you won't acquiesce to?" Glenn's answer is here -- as Glenn would say "scroll down" and keep scrolling 'cause guess what Glenn doesn't fucking answer. Rather, he starts talking about partisanship, and then makes a joke about Barry Manilow. Does anyone take InstablowBush seriously anymore? [drip, drip] Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

So, good luck Totsky, guess America is going to accept torture.


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