Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Simon Rosenberg for DNC Chair

Although I think Dean would be a fine choice and would not be bitter should he win, I am officially endorsing Simon Rosenberg for DNC Chair. (My endorsement should all but end this race.)

Thomas Schaller explains the reasons why Simon will be able to lead the Dems out of the wilderness much better than I ever could. His first reason is the most compelling as far as I am concerned, and is reason enough for why he, rather than Dean, is the best candidate:
Rosenberg is a strategist-tactician. It is fine for the chair to be an elected official when the party controls the White House, because the strategies and tactics are derived from the Oval Office and the chair's job is to serve as the president's consigliere to the Party. But in today's political-electoral climate, the Democrats need a self-starter who also knows how to plan, articulate, strategize, and operationalize. Few elected officials (other than the Big Dog himself) have found the time, while busily pursuing their own public careers, to master these skills. Simon has.
As Instaclown would say, read the whole thing.
And although I still consider myself an independent, I plan to register Democrat for the foreseeable future, as I believe the Republicans under Shrub's leadership have become complete radicals, and anyone who considers himself liberal, moderate, or even conservative has no choice but to root for the Dems (at least on the national level).

Predictions: Ezra, Kevin, and Publius will all come around to endorse Simon (even though Publius has officially endorsed Dean, he admits to having an open mind still).

Anyways, support Simon.