Saturday, January 08, 2005

Steve Gilliard on Lucienne's Spawn


That picture of Derb and Jonah is interesting too. I always doubted whether Lucienne's Spawn was a real Jew, but I guess this confirms he's not.

Update: More here. I like the part where we consider whether Jonah even read the whole post to which he linked:
Jonah didn't read the entire post
If this is the case, then Jonah is lazy. But that really doens't seem like the Jonah Goldberg we all know and love. Does it?
No, not at all.

The overarching point of the above-linked post is to consider whether Jonah is a racist. As this column makes clear (thanks Atrios), Jonah is a fucking racist. [Ed. a threefer!?! WTF!?!] There really can't be any serious debate about that.

Update II: Armstrong Williams likes it in the butt from other dudes? Who knew? I guess this makes him a two-fer at least in the eyes of Lucienne's spawn.

Update III: Playing Instapundit is fun. All you have to do is do what I am doing here. Read everything about a story, link to everything and add no commentary whatsover. Indeed.


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