Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sullivan on Kos: Never Miss an Opportunity to Libel

Sully on Kos:

I agree with Hugh Hewitt about both Armstrong Williams and DailyKos. But there's a big distinction. Kos clearly disclosed his payola from the Dean campaign. Williams never told anyone he was on the take from the Education Department. That makes a huge difference. Maybe Kos should have made more of a deal about it, but that's a quibble, not a major concern. (I'm leaving out any conflicts of interest that we don't yet know about. Maybe Kos is worse - but we can't know that right now. . . .
What a slimeball Sully is. Uses this as a way to simply libel Kos.

Here's me on Sully:
There is no difference between the relationship I have with my girlfriend, and the relationship between Sully and his boyfriend. Both are relationships between consenting adults, and should not be the subject of government regulation or be used to score political points. I'm leaving out any child molestation we don't yet know about. Maybe Sully is different, maybe he fucks 12-year-old boys in the ass giving them the HIV, but we can't know that right now. . . .
How's it feel Sully?

Now shut the fuck up.

You have nothing to add to this conversation.

Go back to fucking Jonah Goldberg in the ass.


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