Monday, January 10, 2005

Totten: Shameless

Michael Totten quotes to us approvingly from a Hack Central Station article which explains to us why the Iraq war was a correct allocation of our limited resources in the War on Terror:
It may once have been correct to claim that Iraq was not strategically significant. But neither were the fields at Waterloo, Gettysburg or Stalingrad until the contending armies met in those places. By accident or political design, insignificant places become enduring historical names.
Totten expands on why this is analysis is right on:
If the US had invaded, say, Bolivia - Osama bin Laden would have completely ignored it. And those who would have claimed invading Bolivia had nothing to do with the Terror War would have been correct.
OK, let's put to the side for a moment the assisine and completely unsupportable assumption that Bin Laden --- who has shown a viscious sophistication in his ability to twist any sort of foreign engagement by the United States into another example of his message that the US is an imperialist, global hegemon bent on destroying the umma --- would have ignored us if we had invaded Bolivia. . . . Totten has now resorted to the absolute stupidest justification for the war in Iraq, and what appears to be the latest. For the newcomers to the debate over whether to invade Iraq, let's review the prior justifications and what happened to them:
  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction --- On the basis of columns and a book written by Judith Miller (of that bastion of the liberal media, the New York Times), the Bushies assure us that Iraq has massive stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons, and that Iraq has been making headway in plans to restart its nuclear program over twenty years after Israel justifiably bombed the shit out of Iraq's nuclear reactor and made its nuclear scientists disappear. TRUTH: Far from a slam-dunk, it turns out that Saddam had destroyed his stockpiles of bio- and chem- weapons years ago, and that he was no closer to building a nuclear bomb than was my cat. Wingnuts like Totten continue to argue that Saddam had such weapons for at least a year, but finally have to admit that no such weapons existed when two different Bush-administration appointed commissioners appointed to investigate whether Saddam had such weapons inform us of the obvious.
  2. Al-Qaeda connections --- Laughable. Cheney tells us of this one on several occasions --- going even further than just Al-Qaeda connections, and implying, based on a mythic meeting between Muhammed Atta and Iraqi intelligence, that Saddam was connected to the 9/11 attacks. TRUTH: Turns out the connections were pretty much non-existent.
  3. Toppling a Horrible Dictator. Spread democracy, etc., etc. Speaks for itself. TRUTH: Saddam Hussein was a horrible dictator but this cannot be a jus belli as the United States would basically have to attack about fifty or sixty countries. North Korean regime --- just as bad. Iranian regime --- just as bad. Libyan regime --- just as bad (as Totsky knows). China --- arguably as bad. Pakistan --- probably as bad. etc. etc. etc. etc.
So, now that all of the above have been toppled, Totsky comes out to endorse the most ridiculous justification yet --- because Osama cares about Iraq (or more precisely, pretends to care about Iraq), it shows that we were right to invade Iraq. WTF??!? I mean that just makes no sense.

Osama cares about Iraq because he has been able to use it for his propaganda war, and, no doubt, has been able to recruit more and more jihadists based on our unforgiveable blunders there (Abu-Ghraib anyone?---torture or not, it was a blunder). By Totten's newest-endorsed rationale, invading any Muslim country would be justifiable because Osama "would [not] have ignored it." This logic is so self-evidently absurd that no further comment is necessary.

Shit, by Totten's newest adopted and invented rationale, invading Jordan, our ally, would have been a justifiable use of our limited resources in the war on terror because Osama would not have ignored it.

Michael Totten, I ask you this: Do you have no shame sir?

Answer me this: Could you ever admit that maybe, just maybe, this whole fucking war was a mistake instead of inventing new rationales for it every few months?


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